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The very word 'branding' is one of the most misunderstood, misused and maligned of its kind. Good branding touches virtually every aspect of a successful business - often creating a powerful cohesion that leads to new clarity and momentum.

Do a quick assessment of your current situation and see if these statements apply
to you:

  • All our employees know and understand what our brand stands for and what our company values mean
  • Our branding is consistent throughout; from the logo, to tone of voice, to telephone etiquette, to stationery, to marketing tools and our approach to PR
  • Our brand is recognisable to the outside world and shows our position in the market place

Be proud if all the above statements apply
to you

However, it is all too easy to become the victims of 'accidental branding' – whereby different people in different departments are left with confused and conflicting views of what the brand actually is. If this is happening within your own business, then think what affect it's having on your prospective and existing clients!

So now see if you face any of these branding challenges... and then see the tips that follow.

Challenge 1

  • Your brand strategy clearly delivers your company's message, yet your core values are not made apparent in your day-to-day operations.
A new employee induction to introduce core values can go a long way. Also, implementing company ambassadors to talk to different departments in your company about core values can remove misunderstandings and raise morale.

Challenge 2

  • You spend large sums of money and time on branded and marketing collateral - and yet you repeatedly see poor response rates, and a low return on investment.
Ask yourself...
Do you have a call to action in place?
Are your company benefits stated clearly?
Do you state your Unique Selling Point?
Is your marketing message and tone tailored to your target market?
Are your contact details correct and consistent?
Is your marketing collateral in keeping with your core values?
Do you use testimonials?
Do you follow up with a call after the collateral is sent out?
How many times do you follow up?
Does every piece of your marketing collateral have a clear purpose?

All too often businesses fail to truly understanding how they are going to make their brand and marketing collateral work for them. I invite you to see how you can play to your known strengths and hidden assets in powerful new ways.

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Jules was a great support for us when we opened a new boutique hotel in the heart of St. James's, the St. James's Hotel and Club. Jules account directed the whole design of brochures, menus, special promotions etc... She did a great job!"

St James's Hotel and Club

We first worked with Jules in 2006. She was brilliant at understanding what our business model and ethos was and provided excellent advice and guidance in how we presented ourselves to the corporate market. Over a few years she consistently provided excellent service and understanding and helped establish our brand identity."