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Guest Speaking

Jules is passionate about 'Thinking Big' Creative Talent and the business survival skills essential for success.

Confidence doesn't come easy for most of us, but when you 'get it' that your dream can be achieved, and you see how it can be done, something in your self-belief shifts. That shift can make all the difference to 'Making It Happen'.

Talent and good ideas are only good when acted upon. Procrastination can be the big Achilles Heel for all of us - professionally and personally. A helping hand, voice and guidance can change everything.

How my Guest Speaking Will Benefit You

  • Develop understanding of the future skills required to 'Make It' in the real new economy
  • Help school's business curriculum
  • Present insight and understanding of how creative businesses work commercially
  • Ignite new ways of thinking to achieve what you seek

Related Experience:

  • Taught GNVQ Film, Video and Photography at Burton Technical
    Art College
  • Guest Lectured at Derby University for first year design students on Business acumen
  • An influential delegate for Derby Economic Future
  • A Derby Ambassador for Marketing Derby
  • A London Ambassador for Creativity and Business
  • A guest speaker for Inspirational Speaker 4 Schools in Surrey
  • A volunteer for Derby Education Business Partnership
  • Teacher of Business English to Japanese students for International export, in Tokyo

Does your Business, School, Community project, Regeneration Board, University or College recognise that today's generation - and the next - are in need of the essential business and entrepreneurial skills to survive in the new economy? Do you recognise that there is a poverty of aspiration?

Do you know a group that would welcome inspiring Can-do Guidance on how to 'Make IT Happen'? Whatever 'IT' may be!

Then call Jules and let's start talking to make that difference.

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