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As a rule, successful companies will spend the same amount of time conducting business as they do marketing for new business. This 50/50 relationship is essential if you are to meet targets, goals and achieve longevity. How you spend your time marketing is critical and you will need to have at least eight - fourteen marketing tools in place, giving you true resilience in these new times. A business that has a narrow scope of marketing tools will naturally be vulnerable to change.

Now see which of these statements is true of your business:-

Your Marketing Activities Need a Surge of Inspiration!

We are in one of the most exciting times in economic history. Now is the time to talk to your staff and listen to their ideas and thoughts. You will be surprised at how much talent you already have and what excellent ideas can be generated. It's too easy to stay 'old school' and to not embrace new ways of doing things. So go on, Innovate!

Your Business is Making a Profit but You Know You Could Be Doing So Much Better!

- Ask yourself. When was the last time you raised your prices by 10% or 20% or even higher? Many companies fear raising their prices and so have stayed trading at the same levels for years!! Test the market and know your worth. It's Time!

How My Marketing Strategies Will Benefit You?

  • Be more resilient and know how to measure and test for success
  • Create interest in your products and services
  • Build strong client relations
  • Create value for your clients and for yourself

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Jules comes highly recommended on both a professional and personal level. She is an 'out of the box' sort of girl who will always have your (the client's) best interests firmly in focus. From the very first meeting and throughout that often difficult 'getting to know and understand your business' phase, Jules quickly gets to grips with your exact requirements and manages her clients superbly - well she certainly did with me and my business. Jules is extremely eloquent and knowledgeable so is the perfect choice to build and maintain the very best client portfolios If you are looking for the right person, I can only advise you to not waste this opportunity."

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