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New Business & Lead Generation

If you are responsible for sales, then you might be familiar with the term 'it's a numbers game'. The more calls you make, the more meetings you have, the more sales you will get! Well that's the law of probability. I am sure also you will be aware of the 80/20 rule! This means that roughly 80% of your successes come from just 20% of your efforts. So, by evaluation, wouldn't that mean that you should be concentrating on the 20% that works more?

With a resounding YES, you should be! Like most businesses, private or public sector, you are probably sitting on a wealth of untapped business that could double your sales figures. The question is... how do you see exactly where that magical 20% is? Getting an outside perspective can certainly accelerate the process.


Does this statement sound true of your business?

  • You are generating leads but not winning business
Ask yourself these questions when talking to your leads.
Are you talking to the decision maker?
Are you talking too much about yourself and your business?
Are you going straight in for the hard sell and scaring them away?
Are you establishing a good relationship with them first?
Are you listening to them?
Are you qualifying them so you fully understand what they need and what you can offer?
Are you adding extra value and truly demonstrating that you care about them and their business?
Are you conveying your core benefits of your business or service?

Remember: A lead is a beginning of a relationship not a sale. Work on this and you will soon see your lead turn into a long term client.

Remember: It's not about you; it's about them and what value you can bring to them.

Remember:In a first meeting, just listen, be interested it will make all the difference in your future relationship and getting that client for life you want. People Buy People. Sell yourself not your business. Be genuine and dare I say honest.

How my marketing strategies will benefit you

  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Optimise and maximise your new Lead Generation Strategy
  • Increase your sales pipeline
  • Build strong client relationships and the business you deserve

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Jules is an extremely passionate and highly motivated person who is a delight to work with. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she goes above and beyond and is always thinking of exciting new ways to deal with challenges. Jules is very focused and dedicated to the success of our business and has continually driven our marketing mix forward with impressive results over the past year. Her fundamental understanding of new business development and marketing strategies is just one of her core strengths. Jules is an asset to any company and with her ability to network and build relationships not only would I highly recommend her, I look forward to working with Jules for many years to come."

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